when to let go of a long distance relationship

When to let go of a long distance relationship?

There is a growing number of long distance couples nowadays. Maybe you met your partner while traveling, online, through the military, or separated due to career or college.

Regardless of the reason, there comes a time during the struggle that you have to ask is if you and your partner are willing to put the effort in and cultivate the relationship.

The best case scenario is that you are going through a difficult time and do not have to end things.  Remember that all distance is temporary and with a plan and commitment you two have every chance at getting through this together. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. With the right amount of effort your relationship can remain strong even during the long distance separation.

There are, however, signs you should be aware of. These are the signs that trouble could be on the horizon.  Read the signs below if you are on the fence and they will help you decide if it is time to let go of your long distance relationship.


Sign 1: He or she has limited interest in you

People obviously prefer living near their partners than to being in a relationship with someone far away.

Looking at your relationship, would you say that your partner maintains interest and attention to you? Do they go the extra mile to communicate more that they are away.  If you notice that your partner isn’t willing to compliment you from time to time and make effort for calls and texts, then perhaps he or she isn’t earnest about the whole thing. It could be that they just aren’t as serious as you are. It could be that you have grown a part.  The most obvious would be a feeling of being alone or unheard.

Sign 2: Your partner never seems to be available

You may have all the patience in the world for your LDR, but don’t forget that you do not want to waste too much time with someone who does not reciprocate that same amount of dedication and commitment to it. You’ve got better things to do with your life than wait for someone who might make you miserable because he or she can’t commit to making this relationship work.

If your partner cannot find the time or energy to talk to you during weekends or make virtual plans when free, then there’s no point continuing this. Long distance couples can have virtual dates with video calls and try to bring some norm to the situation. If your partner is a bit flakey and dodgy when you try to call them, please move on now rather than spending more nights alone thinking about the relationship.

Sign 3: Behavioral changes

People change, and so does what they want out of a relationship. Think back to when you two left each other. This is the time before the long distance relationship. Is your partner the same or different?

If you have been going through a long distance relationship for a while now, your partner may have already found someone else.

If you met online, they could just as easily be having an emotional affair with someone else as a backup plan. The easiest way to discover this is by watching changes in behavior over time. Are they the same person you once knew? Would you say they have changed?  Do you still feel important to them? Behavior changes are always the “writing on the wall”. You deserve to feel important.

Sign 4: Changing Plans and Empty Promises

Your partner seems to change plans or to push back dates of seeing each other. He or she doesn’t have a definite idea of how you will end up together. You know it’s time to let go when there seems to be no hope or plans of getting together shortly.

Depending on how long you have been waiting for this person to return to your life.  Treading water without any sign of progress is a death sentence.  If your partner doesn’t seem interested in setting a date when you will be together again,  then what’s the point in prolonging the inevitable? It’s better to move on already and  finding someone who wants to give a relationship their all.

Sign 5: You just don’t have the time

You know that it is hard work maintaining a long distance relationship and that life can get in the way, but don’t forget that it is even more difficult trying to make things work when both of you live under different roofs and barely find time for each other.  Maybe you both are the issue. Sure, you may miss him like crazy and want to see him right this second, but if you barely have time to catch up with friends or family lately because of your relationship, then perhaps it is not the best use of your time. It’s better to prioritize what is more critical and don’t forget that anyone who expects something from you has to give something in return.

Your Solution

Long distance relationships require a lot of patience, trust, commitment, and time.

How are you feeling after reading all of the signs?

Are you optimistic or hopeless?

If you can meet all these criteria and you are both fully committed to making it through this challenging time, you can make this work. It is absolutely a possibility!

You read this far and you must want to keep going in this relationship. Your next step is to talk to your partner more and maintain the bond you guys have created together.

The number one issue that any couple has is that one partner doesn’t feel heard by the other.   Communication should be solid between you two especially with the distance. That is why you should build a stronger bond by asking each other unique questions and learning new things about your each other.  With 1000 questions for couples, you can reignite what might be fading.


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