How To Manifest Someone To Text You

The process to manifest someone to text you can be difficult, but it is possible if you follow the steps outlined in this article.

The reason it can be difficult is the same reason that using the law of attraction to manifest anything else major and precise in your life is difficult.

To say you would like to manifest $100 in the next 30 minutes would be challenging even for the most advanced sage.

On the other hand, if you were to begin each day with a manifesting list of 1 or 2 simple things, it would build your ability.

Take for example, “I find a close parking spot at the supermarket this afternoon.”

Or “I sleep throughout the night and wake up well-rested and vibrant.”

These certainly do not have as much emotional weight but are essential to master because a take it or leave it attitude must be attained to detach from what you desire.

Letting go is always the most difficult part of the Law of Attraction for people attempting manifestation.  By manifesting small things, like the examples above, you can feel what it feels like to let go. The problem most people struggle with is they hear about the Law of Attraction and try to attract a lottery win or a new car. It is always something extravagant. While the universe doesn’t gauge these as any different than a parking space or a good night’s rest, you will in your mind.

It is not the desire that will do the attracting. It is your ability to tune into the right channel.


Step 1: Gain clarity

Grab a notebook and pen because you are going to get clearer on manifesting this text message. You want to write this in the present tense.

Please use a pen and paper because it has a have a more powerful connection than electronic devices and word processing software. There is something about writing it out that will create a stronger bond between the mind and your words.

The purpose of this step is so that you are not sending the universe confusing messages.  You are writing down exactly what you intend.

You can look at a picture of this person. Think about them.  Write out what they texted you and their thoughts and feelings before texting you this message.

For example, John was thinking of me and missed me because he saw our favorite holiday movie. He was feeling regret and lonely since our breakup. He looked at his phone several times and wanted to text me.

I heard a notification on my phone and picked it up.  There it was: “Hey, how are you?” John sent me a text message.

I am overjoyed he sent this to me. It is a small sign, but there is hope that we can repair things. There is hope that we could end up together again. I am optimistic and so happy to have him back into my life. We are texting daily now and have plans to eventually meet up for dinner.

Then you will close your eyes and imagine yourself receiving the text message and everything you wrote all playing out. You want to hold it as images in your mind and the feeling of already having this play out.

Step 2: Escape The Movie

Oftentimes, we get caught up with our routines and life. It is very similar to how you focus on a movie in the movie theater. You become entirely absorbed in the movie and forget about everything else.

You need to escape the movie by visualizing and picturing in your mind’s eye manifesting the text from that special someone. This process does take energy and may not happen right away. You also need to bring up what counter thoughts are coming up when you visualize.

The important part to take notice is how you feel? You look on your phone and see the text message. You manifested this someone to text you! You are overjoyed and happy. It worked! Get into that vibrational match of already having this occur. Does this person have a special notification sound tied to their number? What does it sound like?

This is a visualization processes but should not be used in a rigid manner. Do it at least weekly before bed as you drift off to sleep.  The most important thing is to not be forcing this practice. You won’t make the text come any faster if you visualize more and more. It doesn’t work that way and will tell the universe you are desperate and attempting to force. This will drive you further away from receiving the text message.


Step 3: Release your objections

Objections are beliefs that crop up. Take for example your intention is: John texted me today and I am overjoyed and happy. He said he misses me and wants to get back together.

After saying to yourself this intention, anything that appears in your mind as a thought would be an objection.

“I’m not good enough for John.”

“We haven’t talked in over a month.”

Working through these beliefs by first identifying them and then countering them is the first step in reducing them from blocking you from manifesting a text from someone.

How to counter objections? Read on.


Step 4: Disperse limiting beliefs by creating a voice recorded message of affirmations

Use an app on your phone to record your voice. You are going to make custom affirmations. They are very effective by being tailored uniquely to you. Your own voice also helps.

Now that your objections have been uncovered, you can say, “I am worthy of John, and I was a great partner to him.”

“John and I have a bond that surpasses time. A month means nothing to the universe.”

It is important to not obsess over this process and think the more the better. Affirmations and counter belief work can be done every few days or once a week.


Step 5: Letting Go Of Manifesting Your Text

When the time is right, you will feel it. You are confident and believe your text message is coming. There are no more objections when you think of this person text messaging you. It is on its way. You have tuned into this person and you have definitely come up on their mind by visualizing and working through objections.

What is the next step?

Let go. The best way to do this is to imagine that you have placed your order. You have made your order to the universe.

Just like a package that you order online, you don’t constantly check the status. In the same way you would not want to be checking your phone and looking for the manifested text message. You know you are doing it wrong if you have the thought: Why isn’t he texting? Where is it? This is a sure-fire way to not manifest the message. It shows that you never actually believed you were about to get the text message.

The point of visualization and objection work is to create a solid belief in your manifestation and the power of the universe to bring it.

How long will it take to get your text message manifested?

By doing this process it could take 1-3 weeks. There are so many factors so it is not easy to give a time frame. If everything was done right and there is solid believe and the person can let go. 1-3 weeks is a great time frame where the manifestation of a text would occur.

Bonus method for manifesting someone to text you


Bonus: The Whisper

Relax yourself by take a few deep breaths. Let the day’s thoughts move away until you are blank.

Imagine you are sitting with this person. Imagine their hair, face, bone structure, what they smell like. How is he sitting? Does he have cologne on?

Now imagine yourself and while you imagine yourself you have to lean in and tell him, “You are going to text me. I know it.”

After this, you will slowly open your eyes and smile knowing it is done. If you didn’t getting an overwhelming rush of feeling during this process, you didn’t get into it enough.  Try to “warm up” your visualization muscle more.

Troubleshooting The Law Of Attraction

If you have tried countless times to manifest what you want and have failed, you need to go back to the drawing board.

Try to get some manifestations under your belt by writing a new one down for each day in the morning, visualizing it, and then going on about your day.

The Law Of Attraction is not meant to be used as some magic tool to fix your life. If you spend your entire day miserable at your job, but put the utmost effort into visualization before sleep, it still won’t matter. Negative thoughts and energy still pull you into that lower vibration and will prevent all your intentions from manifesting.

You must be in a good place and feel pleasant each day. If you are feeling happy and full of energy. You are in a great place to be doing manifestation work.

I know what you are thinking. If I am miserable, how am I supposed to remove all the negativity. The easiest way to do that is to have a regular gratitude practice. Carry a little pocket journal around and write down what you can be grateful for.

Maybe someone held the door for you or you have a close friend who is very supportive and checks in on you a lot. There is always something to be grateful for.

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